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Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Family Service Center/Mt. Pleasant

Cuyahoga County Commissioners Tim McCormack, Jimmy Dimora and Peter Lawson Jones, Mayor Jane L. Campbell, Ward 3 Councilman Zachary Reed, and Mt. Pleasant NOW neighborhood corporation today cut the ribbon to formally open the Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Family Service Center (NFSC).

The Mt. Pleasant NFSC building, located at 13815 Kinsman Road, represents a new concept in government and non-profit partnerships to support neighborhood redevelopment and human services in one building. It was constructed with funding from the following sources:
  • Cuyahoga County - $6.5 million in bonds
  • City of Cleveland -$658,000 loan
  • $500,000 loan from Bank One
  • $130,000 from Councilman Zachary Reed and former Councilwoman Odelia Robinson.

The facility houses both Mt. Pleasant NFSC and the offices of Mt. Pleasant NOW. The NFSC houses staff from Cuyahoga Work & Training, Health & Nutrition, Children and Family Services, Support Enforcement and other supportive services. Cuyahoga County is the major tenant in the building, occupying 52,000 square feet. Just over 150 County staff are located there. Mt. Pleasant NOW occupies the remaining 5,000 square feet of the building, and their staff of 16 works from that space.

Commissioner Tim McCormack said, "The Neighborhood Family Service Center is an integral part of the community it serves. Over the last three and a half years, each of the NFSCs has successfully assisted families on cash assistance to become employed and leave welfare. Since it is directly in the community it serves, residents can easily access services such as child care, health care, transportation assistance and food stamps."

In addition to supportive services such as an on-site child care drop-off room for clients of County programs, RTA Transportation Planning, the County Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services Board and Mental Health Board programs can be accessed.

"Mount Pleasant Center is our latest step to move county agencies from downtown into our neighborhoods and make things more convenient for the people we serve," said Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones. "The Center houses Mount Pleasant NOW as well as satellite offices for Cuyahoga Work & Training, Health & Nutrition, and Children and Family Services. In the past, these agencies were located in different buildings, which forced residents to travel to different parts of the city just to take advantage of our services. At Mount Pleasant Neighborhood Family Service Center, the next agency is as close as the nearest elevator!"

Thomas Stone, Executive Director of Mt. Pleasant NOW, noted that the building is the first office building built in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood in 30 years. "While construction is a major physical asset for this community, it is also an economic catalyst, in that jobs are provided in this building and within the businesses which support it. It also provides much needed services to individuals who live here. Pulled all together, this facility beautifies the community and enhances the viability of the neighborhood - in short, it helps people live better lives."

"Cuyahoga County joins Mt. Pleasant in celebration and in commitment to this significant Cleveland neighborhood," said Commissioner Jimmy Dimora. "Community development means human development. Working together, we will complete a self-sufficiency agenda and neighborhood revitalization. We look forward to our continuing partnership with Mt. Pleasant for the betterment of the people of Cuyahoga County!"

Future services will include full operation of a resource room for job seekers, and the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services will operate a pilot employment "One-Stop" Center from the site.

A surprise tribute to former Ward 3 Councilwoman Odelia Robinson was unveiled during the ceremonies. It now hangs in the atrium window in the Southeast corner of the building. The work of Akron artist David Radcliffe, it pays tribute to the Councilwoman's lengthy and ongoing role in the redevelopment of the Mt. Pleasant area.

For additional information, contact Kim Gallek, Cuyahoga County Administrator's Office at (216) 443-7297, or Thomas Stone, Mt. Pleasant NOW at (216) 751-0023.